• Hours of fun for both parents and children promoting dexterity and create play
  • Easy to assemble using only white glue, glue stick or double-sided tape
  • Assemble the components and then use or connect them to create your own custom buildings
  • Combine and mix and match multiple kits to create even larger creations
  • Each kit includes an instruction sheet and ten building sheets - each building has four different sides


Assemble create and build your own paper buildings such as houses, factories, high-rises and more with BoxyTown building kits. Our professional full color printed cardstock craft kits provide hours of fun for both parents and children.

Each kit contains 10 individual sheets. Each sheet creates a building block with five different sides featuring doors, windows and roofs. You can create many types of buildings by facing out different sides and stacking several blocks together.


Assemble blocks by making a few cuts with safety scissors, folding the tabs and then attaching using white glue, glue stick or double-sided tape. Attach completed blocks to create a more permanent structure.

BoxyTown craft kits promote the development of physical dexterity by helping children learn to cut along lines, practice folding techniques and assemble boxes together. They also encourage creative play as children arrange the boxes and use them with other toys.

BoxyTown Children's Craft Kit - Assemble and Create Your Own Cardstock Buildings