Dominic Villari is well versed in the art and science of making stuff up and is often caught talking to things, especially when they don't work right or are difficult to put together. These pursuits occasionally spill out onto paper in fiction such as the Ginger Bread Man and the soon to be released Talks to Things and children's books such as Don't Poke the Bear, You Have to Wear Pants and others that could be listed here except that this sentence is already too long. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and daughter, both of whom have gotten better about knowing when he's making stuff up.

Dominic Villari is the author of several books including Practical Storytelling and The Ginger Bread Man. Since becoming a parent, he has focused mainly on children's literature he can share with daughter.


His most recent books include Don't Poke the Bear, The Way Forward, Tan's Tile and You have to Wear Pants. His "Literary Animals" series, beginning with Quincy, Cat of La Mancha, presents classic literary stories for young children.


Dominic earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Rider University and a Master of Science in Communication from Boston University.


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